Bristol 247
March 24, 2015

"Stax or Motown?

(Ty Taylor - lead vocals): Motown for melody and lyrics, Stax for passion, rawness and vibe! 

Star Trek or Star Wars?

(Rick Barrio Dill – bass): Star Wars all the way!

Big Sunny Festivals or Small Sweaty Clubs?

(Richard Danielson - drums): I personally love the feel of festivals, which is kind of the dream you dream as a kid, to be on big stages in front of big audiences. But sweaty clubs is where it gets more adult and dirty and where some of the true magic happens, so I’d never want to lose that..."

By: Jonathon Kardasz

Orange County Register

January 25, 2015

"One of the great things about attending the National Association of Music Merchants Show is the opportunity to discover burgeoning talent...

The firebrand front man’s sultry pipes and electrifying stage presence often brought to mind Wilson Pickett, “Gasoline Alley”-era Rod Stewart and even James Brown (especially during the powerful plugged-in closer, “Blues Hand Me Down”).

Although there were highlights aplenty from the five of seven acts I caught on the El Cajon-based guitar company’s stage at NAMM, Vintage Trouble was best of the lot."

By: George A. Paul

Star Telegram
January 11, 2015

"Los Angeles foursome Vintage Trouble didn’t screw around at all. Led by dynamic frontman Ty Taylor, who capped the band’s 40-minute performance by roaming deep into the steadily thickening floor crowd, their searing fusion of blues, soul and rock was deserving of far more ears than were actually present.

Even in such a large space, Vintage Trouble made you feel every sweaty note, a full-tilt, damn the torpedoes showcase that was, frankly, the high point of the evening. Given the scarcity of folks on the floor, the band even walked through the crowd after it finished, high-fiving fans on their way to their seats."

By: Preston Jones

October 16, 2014

Some shows you just will never forget. This was one of them.

By: Fred Rudofsky

The Jivewired Journal

October 8, 2014

"There are few instances where a live performance exceeds the pre-concert hype. Often, anticipation from a dedicated group of hard core fans tends to amp up pre-event intensity to heights that are nearly impossible to attain...Vintage Trouble was so much more than advertised, and the band provided an intense, kinetic and enveloping two-hour show that genuinely exceeded its touted buildup."

By: Michael Canter

The Scene Magazine - Ottawa
September 29, 2014

"The band is the real deal, playing old-school rhythm and blues mixed with a bit of rock, pulling of some amazing stage antics and some outfits lifted right from the fifties."

By: Griffin Elliot

The Scene Magazine - Ottawa
Interview with Ty Taylor
September 29, 2014

"When Vintage Trouble finally hit the stage the crowd was thirsty for them and by all accounts the crowd was quenched. The band walked on stage looking like they had just walked out of a time machine from the fifties and launched into their set with the prophetic 'High Times (They Are Coming).' After that the night was a party..."

By: Griffin Elliot

Washington Life Magazine
September 12, 2014

"When I saw these four guys bound onstage almost two years ago while waiting for The Who to play “Quadrophenia” at the cavernous Verizon Center, I thought to myself, “Wha-WHAT? A warm up band for The Who?...Triumphant is an understatement as it was one of the best warm up performances…no, one of the best performances period, of any band I had ever seen. Many in attendance that night, including me, no doubt became 'Troublemakers,' the name given to loyal fans of this mesmerizing, raucous, fantastic band of nattily dressed soul hellions who made the absolute most of this huge opportunity, on the spot."

By: Steve Houk

The Great Exception
Blog review, August 5, 2014

"It was pretty clear from the way Vintage Trouble opened the last night of their European ‘Summer of Trouble’ at the Islington Assembly Hall – processing through the crowd laden with guitars, a trombone and beating a massive drum – that this was not a gig. This was a party: and the whole damn room was invited."

By: Kerry Poppins
August 3, 2014

"James Brown is alive and he lives in Ty Taylor...They are so down to the earth, friendly, and caring for their fans!"

By: Kevipod

"All of the TroubleMakers had waited and chanted in the heavy rain. The band were disappointed at the news so they decided to go guerrilla style and take their acoustic guitars out front. Aided with a megaphone handed to Ty Taylor by a fan in the crowd they played two songs “Strike Your Light On Me” and “Run Like The River” to the thousands still waiting. A set that will go down in both VT and Glastonbury history."

By: Adam Kennedy

National Rock Review
July 22, 2014

"They made the show feel like a sweaty juke joint, the audience on their feet, in what is predominantly an all seater room from the off. It truly felt like they had graduated to the next level. It felt like in future this would be the norm."

By: Adam Kennedy

July 11, 2014

"I had only heard the rumours flying around about this band called Vintage Trouble. That they’d opened for The Who a couple years ago in Ottawa and were simply amazing. But I had no idea I was about to be godsmacked by their electrifying performance."

By: Terry Steeves

Bucket List Music Reviews

July 6, 2014

"They all brought charisma, confidence, and honest talent. The audience was loving every minute of it too, pushing pelvises all over the place, and responding in kind to the energetic front man."

By: Valerie Shaver

July 3, 2014

"Only time will tell, for me they always seem to be teetering on the brink of mainstream success, all it will take is to be in the right place at the right time and Vintage Trouble could be massive: whatever happens, for me they are still the best live band on the planet right now." more

By: Ben Hughes

The Journal
Live review from Sage Gateshead, UK June 24, 2014

"Vintage Trouble's rapid rise from Cluny buzz band to Sage Hall One headliner really shouldn't come as a major surprise. The rock fans of Tyneside have always preferred their music honest, heartfelt, affecting and ambitious: the Californian quartet ticks all of those boxes and more." more

By: Simon Rushworth

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno on NBC

Wednesday, February 5, 2014. NBC

This past Saturday, Tyler was back at the Marquis to celebrate the hotel's 50th anniversary in a star-studded VIP concert that also included a rocking 30-minute set from Vintage Trouble and the Doors' Robby Krieger sitting in with the cover band Bitch. Tyler also gave us another update and informed us that his solo album is moving forward.

By: Steve Baltin


Live review from ACL Festival, Austin TX October 5, 2013

"By the time the band finished in a drawn out climatic number that included a 900 volt blistering guitar solo we were all riding on that wave of ecstacy you get when you know you've experienced something truly special. A Prince singing "Purple Rain" at the end of the movie feeling. Yeah, like that." read more...

By: Deborah Sengupta Stith

The Austin Chronicle

Live review from ACL Festival, Austin TX October 5, 2013

"Dubbed "the new protocol of soul," Vintage Trouble has been on the verge of a breakthrough for a couple of years. Given Saturday's visceral reaction from ACL, that status won't remain valid for long.
The Hollywood quartet pumped itself and the audience up with the brief "High Times (They Are Coming)," its gospel fervor forcing feet to move and hearts to beat faster. The spectacular "Blue Hand Me Down" hit home hardest with the sight of sharp-dressed singer Ty Taylor spinning like a top and spiraling his mic cable as guitarist Nalle Colt rocked confidently and the rhythm section shook the groove into the ground."

By: Michael Toland


Live review from El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles September 7, 2013

" I spend the majority of my time with hard rock and metal bands, but when I say that this band is on fire, I mean it in a different way. They've resurrected and re-imagined something, and it is speaking to us. As Booker T. rejoined them for the final song, a cover of the Joe Cocker version of "With a Little Help From My Friends", you could hear people in the room gasp at it's commencement. You just knew what this band would bring to that song. Sweating through their suits with smiles on their faces, the mood of that song, the mood of the night, put us over the top to end the show.

At the set's culmination, the band announced they would be at the merch table to meet everyone. They took a bow, jumped off the front of the stage, and walked straight through the crowd to spend who knows how long talking to their fans.

And that was the night that I became a Troublemaker. "



Live review from Bumbershoot Festival, Seattle September 1, 2013

"Taylor, who never stops moving and, after two minutes onstage, sweating, has a 10,000 hours vibe. He's done this so many times he can do it in his sleep, but this is hardly a sleepwalk. Visually and vocally, he's a blast. And along with the other three, Colt, bassist Rick Barrio Dill and drummer Richard Danielson, the result imagines what would have happened if Otis Redding led Zeppelin instead of Robert Plant. " read more...

By: Charlie Bermant


Live review from St Pancras Hotel, July 15 2013

" With the band in the groove and Ty strutting his stuff, the Booking Office Bar soon transformed into what reminded of a 60′s style juke joint. The audience had their hands in the air and heads rocking to the music. The band's professionalism shone through as three accomplished musicians fired Taylor to higher levels soon dripping with perspiration. The constant touring cemented the rhythm section into a very tight unit and Nalle Colt's guitar playing is nothing short of inspiring. "

By: Stephen Fourie

Wales Online

Live review from Glee Club, Cardiff June 26 2013

"While the band is unmistakeably American, the material is universal and timeless; a fact evident by an audience of fans whose ages ranged from early twenties to well past retirement." Read more...

By: Bob Rodgers

Live review from 02 ABC Glasgow, June 13 2013

"So there you have it. Vintage Trouble again brought their blend of soul, blues and Rock and Roll to the very much entertained Glasgow audience and I would defy anyone who said that they never had a good time in the O2 ABC tonight. It all felt like one giant fun party that everyone was invited to, like we were the fifth member of Vintage Trouble. Every song had participation and the "Troublemakers" didn't need much encouraging. The music and the band members seemed very real and honest." Read more...

By: Robbie Rooney

Live review from Raymond Soltysek
Glasgow June 13 2013 02 ABC

"Look, based as it is in an aesthetic that harks back to the soundtrack of 50 years ago, this isn't, essentially, my kind of music; but I don't really give a fuck, because they do what they do better than anyone I've ever heard, they're musically right on the button, they're inventive as well as being retrospective and, at the end of they day, they make damned sure I have a ball. And for all those reasons, that means there's plenty of room in my musical world for a whole lot more of their irrepressible groove." read more...

By: Raymond Soltysek


Live review from Free Press Festival, June 1 2013

"Like, seriously. In just two songs (Paul Wall beckoned), Vintage Trouble peeled off some funky-soul/gospel-rock that was as satisfying, uplifting, and bracing as anything I saw. And they did it in suits. It wasn't just me, either. "My vote for most underseen/underrated band of #FPSF is Vintage Trouble," @tolli05 tweeted us. "Those cats blew the doors off this motherfucker!" They really did." more

By: Chris Gray

No Country For New
live review from Mercy Lounge, Nashville, TN April 28, 2013

"Vintage Trouble's live show is largely an effort to recreate that atmosphere. They look the part, they play the part, they are the part – I've never seen a band so effectively turn a sleepy-eyed Sunday-night crowd into a wide-eyed rabble of dancers. The positive energy wafting from the stage is such that it's nearly impossible to hold onto any negative attitudes you may have brought in the door."
... Read more here

By: Adam Cowden

Live review from Stage AE, Pittsburgh, March 4, 2013

" Taylor has soul to burn and charisma to match, channeling the likes of James Brown, Jackie Wilson and, yes, Tina Turner.The three musicians behind him can deliver the jolting funk of the Famous Flames, the garage-rock fury of the White Stripes or the heavy blues thunder of Zeppelin. The band's signature song, "Blues Hand Me Down," postively sizzled; Ike and Tina's "Baby Get It On" had Taylor holding court on top of the bar (likely a first at AE); and "Run Outta You" was a launch pad for Nalle Colt to unleash one of the fiercest blues guitar solos that will be played here all year. "

By: Scott Mervis

Yahoo Music
Live review from SXSW 2013

"Vintage Trouble frontman Ty Taylor first came to fame as a contestant on "Rock Star: INXS," but now he's a full-fledged soul star, practically a modern-day James Brown. (How J.D. Fortune ever beat him on "Rock Star" I'll never understand, but Ty is clearly better off now.) In fact, imagine James Brown singing lead for Led Zeppelin, and you'll get an idea of Vintage Trouble's muscular, in-the-pocket sound. When this funky bunch played the LiveNation Labs/Skype party at the Belmont, they packed a week's worth of Austin rockin' into their all-too-brief set. Only Prince (more on him later) busted out better Saturday SXSW moves than Ty." Read More...

By: Lyndsey Parker

Live review from Highland Ballroom, NY March 4, 2013

"There isn't really a right way to describe the vibe that Vintage Trouble bring to their live performances. At least one fan has described their sound as Otis Redding meets Led Zeppelin, and they certainly live up to this comparison." Read more...

By: Liz Ramanand

The Wall Street Journal

Review and inteview, March 5, 2013

"Last night at the Highline Ballroom in New York, Vintage Trouble performed as headliners. The crowd, more than respectable for a chilly Monday night, seemed to know every song, including new material the band is fine-tuning, and they responded to Taylor's exhortations and yowls reminiscent of the kind Brown, Joe Tex and Wilson Pickett once unleashed.

What separates VT from a copycat soul revue is its muscle: Colt deploys a Jimmy Page-like crunch on guitar and Dill opens up his sound when Colt solos, thus keeping the mid-range alive. Danielson played several unusual patterns that gave added life to music that included several blues numbers, some swamp rock and an old-fashioned stroll. What Taylor described as "wild, dirty energy" worked as well in New York as it had in London and L.A." Read more...

By: Jim Fusilli

The Swerve Magazine

Live review from Stage AE, Pittsburh, PA March 1, 2013

" Vintage Trouble is a great band, but on stage they are simply brilliant entertainers. "

" If you were there Friday night, you have that tale that so many music fans search for their entire lives; I saw Vintage Trouble in a small, intimate setting and it was that near-religious experience other people have told you seeing the right band on the right night can be. "

By: Michael Allshouse

"Vintage Trouble is probably the most dynamic rock 'n' soul band of the last decade, so it's no accident that they've spent the winter opening The Who's American tour. The Who, after all, once dubbed their own music "Maximum R & B," and were always known for their incredibly dynamic shows." See more

By: Jay Miller

Live review The Who/Vintage Trouble Dunkin' Donuts Center, Providence RI, February 27, 2013

"A band that has everyone talking about them these days, Vintage Trouble featuring this century's second coming of James Brown in Ty Taylor kicked the show off with their fusion of old-school rock & roll, R & B and soul that had the audience getting into it right from the start. "Nancy Lee", "Total Strangers", "Nobody Told Me" and "Strike Your Light" highlighted an energetic performance that had Ty jumping and walking through the crowd along with everyone clapping their hands incessantly. Can't get enough of Vintage Trouble? They'll be playing at Fete in Providence a couple days later this Thursday so come and get your double shot that'll keep you grooving." read more

By: Rob Duguay

Denver Westword Blogs

Live review The Who/Vintage Trouble at Pepsi Center, Denver, CO, February 12, 2013

"Taylor's vocals had a kind of gospel vibe to them, and his range as a singer set him apart from many that try their hand at the kind of blues rock and soul thing, making what was already a solid set of music even more compelling. For its part, Vintage Trouble played like it owned the room, and for its roughly half-hour set, it didn't make you wonder when the heck the Who were coming on." Read more here

By: Tom Murphy

Why It Matters
(music blog)
Live review from Reno Events Center, February 2, 2013

"Rock history is littered with famous opening act stories: Jimi Hendrix opening for The Monkees; The Clash opening for The Who; Prince and The Stones; Guns N' Roses and Aerosmith; Van Halen blowing The Nuge off of the stage.

Vintage Trouble's recent run opening for The Who is worthy of that legacy " read more

By: James Stafford

Review from the Conan TV Show featuring Booker T. Jones, February 5, 2013

"New sensation Vintage Trouble stormed yet another late night television show, bringing their amazing music and the power of their presentation to Conan O'Brien's show, this time joined by soul legend Booker T. Jones (formerly of Stax's Booker T & The MGs). " read more

By: Josh Hathaway


January 28, 2013

"Imagine the blazing R&B energy of a mid-60s James Brown or Otis Redding coupled with the gritty rock/retro soul pulse of a Black Keys. Now, suit up that band in throwback vest suits and velvet ties -- and turn that wired Tasmanian Devil loose on stage."

watch the video and read more

By: Jason Kobely

FOX NEWS TV featuring Vintage Trouble

Watch the clip here

Album review January 14, 2013

"The Bomb Shelter Sessions is sweaty grooves, easy soul, and great hooks. Hard-charging rockers like "Blues Hand Me Down" and "Total Strangers" are boundless energy that can't be controlled or contained, merely channeled. Taylor, guitarist Nalle Colt, bassist Rick Barrio Dill, and drummer Richard Danielson ride the grooves and hold on for dear life. If you think those songs rock, make sure you check out the James Brown-fueled funk of bonus track "Pelvis Pusher" (and I've got a performance of that for you to see and hear below). The roots of "Jezzebella" are deep, taking inspiration from the Muscle Shoals-kissed Southern rock swagger and sweet sounds of bands like The Allman Brothers Band and their musical progeny." Read it all here

By: Josh Hathaway

The Wall Street Journal

The Top Ten Live Music Performances of 2012, December 31, 2012

"Vintage Trouble, Barclay Center, Brooklyn, NY, November 14 – Under what might be the worst possible circumstances – opening for the Who, a band with passionate fans who, in some cases, have a calcified view of rock – the Hollywood-based quartet plays a hot set of rock and R&B from their debut disk "The Bomb Shelter Sessions." Singer Ty Taylor channels Jackie Wilson as guitarist Nalle Colt blasts fat blues riffs against the driving rhythm section. The majority of the audience misses the show, but you can get on board now: This band is going to be big." Read more here

By: Jim Fusilli

Paste Magazine - The 25 Best Live Acts of 2012

November 28, 2012

2012 was a great year for live music, whether it was legacy acts brushing off the cobwebs and heading back out on the road or new groups proving their mettle on the big stage. We polled Paste staffers and writers about their favorite acts who toured or performed festival spots this year, and today we present the 25 Best Live Acts of 2012.

5. Vintage Trouble
Vintage Trouble might be the one of the most energetic touring bands of the year, taking stadium-sized riffs and smashing them into intimate clubs. Ty Taylor is the ultimate showman—spinning in circles, swinging the mic stand, falling to his knees, bouncing back up and sauntering out into the audience. Watching him perform is as much a part of the Vintage Trouble live experience as singing and dancing along to the music.
— Hilary Saunders

By: Bonnie Stiernberg

See the video from the live session Q104.3FM - recorded Nov, 2012
Click for the link here

The Oakland Press

November 25th, 2012

"Also feeling some love on Saturday was Vintage Trouble, the Los Angeles soul-rock quartet whose 30-minute opening set succeeding in whipping up the portion of The Who crowd that chose to watch and was even on its feet for the group's final number. The band also made some friends by coming directly off the stage and walking through the crowd to press the flesh, then working the Joe Louis concourse before heading over to The Majestic Theatre to play again." Read more here...

By: Gary Graff

Montreal Gazette

November 20th, 2012

"The evening had started with a bang, as Vintage Trouble opened with a highly energetic and impressive half-hour set of old-school soul - plenty of let-me-hear-you-say-yeahs and originals that evoke, in spirit, the likes of Land of 1000 Dances and Good Lovin'. They left with a standing ovation ringing in their ears. Let's hope they come back soon to headline a club show." Read It All

By: Bernard Perusse

Motor City

Phone interview November 17th, 2012

"Arguably one of the hottest new bands to emerge in the past couple years, Vintage Trouble has wasted no time in their ascension to the top of the music scene. Formed just under two years ago in Venice Beach, CA. the band is comprised of multiple talented musicians, all veterans in their own right, having spent many formative years perfecting their skills and bringing it all together in one soulful, rocking, harmonious group that harkens back to the days of simpler music, simpler times, when music was more free from the over produced sounds we find bombarding our ears in this day." Read it all here

By: Mick from MCB

NPR Interview

November 17, 2012

Vintage Trouble has enjoyed a pretty quick rise since forming just two years ago. The soulful rock outfit has gone from playing small clubs to large halls, and has toured with the likes of The Cranberries, Lenny Kravitz, Bon Jovi and Joss Stone. Now, the band is courting rock royalty: It's the opening act on The Who's current North American tour, playing songs from its recently reissued debut, The Bomb Shelter Sessions.

NPR's Scott Simon spoke to Vintage Trouble singer Ty Taylor and guitarist Nalle Colt about arena crowds, mutually supportive fans and the unexpected perks of new-found visibility.

Listen to the the whole interview here


Live Review, Greensboro, NC, November 10, 2012
Vintage Trouble opening for The Who

"First, however, came a spectacular opening-act bonus that recalled the old days when The Who billed itself as "Maximum R&B." Vintage Trouble brought that to life, a dynamite young quartet playing rocked-up soul that was equal parts Sharon Jones and MC5. They got a half-hour and it wasn't nearly enough."

Read more here...

By: David Menconi

Live Review Greenville, SC, November 9, 2012
Vintage Trouble opening for The Who

"Opening act Vintage Trouble warmed up the crowd with an electrifying half-hour set that seemed perfectly suited to the occasion. Its turbo-charged mix of retro-flavored rock and soul often came across as the sort of music that the mods in "Quadrophenia" would have dug.

Lead singer Ty Taylor had an especially engaging stage presence, his vocal style and swagger sometimes channeling such R&B legends as James Brown and Otis Redding."

Read more here...

By: Dan Armonaitis

Blues Rock

Live Review, Boston, USA, October 15, 2012

"There is no doubt that this band will be headlining a tour of their own in no time. Vintage Trouble live is a sight to be seen. Keep your eyes out!"

By: Liz Lohnes
Diary and live review, UK, August 19, 2012

"So there we have it, seven gigs, seven very different experiences; how many bands can play so many shows and make them all good in different ways? What have I learnt from these experiences? Well, Vintage Trouble have a growing reputation as a formidable live band, they have a growing fan base and community of all ages and from all walks of life. They make every gig feel like something special and that is what keeps bringing people back. There are fans who have spent literally thousands of pounds on seeing VT this summer, whether it be travelling across Europe, L.A. and Vegas or our own summer festivals."

Read it all here

By: Ben Hughes


Review: Live at Fibbers, York, UK, August 3, 2012

"I dare say I have seen the future – there may be trouble ahead, but at least it is Vintage Trouble."

By: Steve Cowell

York Press

Review: Live at Fibbers, York, UK

"The Next Big Thing" is a well known game of the press. Well, I can reveal that the saviours of modern day rock "n" soul are Vintage Trouble, and if there's any justice this band will be very, very big!"

By: York Press

Review: Live at Sage Gateshead July 20th, 2012

"Vintage Trouble are a breath of fresh air whose performance leaves you not only breathless but glowing with a feel-good factor you can get only when you've witnessed a genuinely passionate band."

By: Mick Burgess

Wales Online

Review: Abertillery Blues and Rock Festival July 17th, 2012

"It's with justification that Vintage Trouble have received so many accolades in their short career to date. The vocals and musicianship are superb and the enthusiasm infectious. They got the crowd onside from the beginning and held them throughout a high-octane set that featured favourites such as Blues Hand Me Down and Nancy Lee."

By: Bob Rogers

Live show review Sasquatch Festival

"Sasquatch was full of amazing performances this year, but most have not stuck with me quite like Vintage Trouble's. It's one thing to see a good band but it's far more rare to see a band play with the love and enthusiasm as VT did. Their positive vibes were like gamma ray's infecting the crowd which grew and grew until it filled the lawn lining the Yeti Stage. They danced, they clapped, they rocked out unlike the crowd at any other performance. There wasn't a moment that made me more grateful to be at Sasquatch then while watching Vintage Trouble."

South Wales Argus

Live show review

"Can I get a witness? I have seen the gospel according to Vintage Trouble, and I'm a convert."

By: Maria Williams

Charts in

Album review

"You want to impress your friends by having them listen to a soul "old school" yet many today? Vintage Trouble is the group for you! Led by singer James Brown mid-and mid-Otis Redding, California this course last year released "The Bomb Shelter Sessions", a very promising debut album."

By: Jean-Baptiste Pietra

Elmore Magazine

Live review

"With their cutting edge material, infectious charm and great songwriting ability, this soulful foursome have just begun to tantalize fans with their immense talents."

By: Jessica Mantas

Turnstyled Junkpiled

Album review

" It sounds as if the band is gonna jump out of the speakers and wrestle one to the ground at times. "

By: Gerry Gomez

I GOTTA SHINE - music blog

Live review

"I remarked to Ray early on that there was more money in suits on stage than there ever had been in my bank account. And it would have come across as incredibly gimmicky … if only Vintage Trouble wasn't so damn good.

Performing a mix of blues, soul, and straight-up rock, Vintage Trouble absolutely demanded the crowd's attention every second they were on stage. If the blues riffs and tight musicianship weren't getting the job done, lead singer Ty Taylor was dancing around, writhing against the microphone pole, or extolling the crowd to sing along — sometimes all at once."

NY Daily News

Jim Farber's Top Ten in Music for the Week of May 27, 2012

"Vintage Trouble "The Bomb Shelter Sessions" Like late-period Humble Pie, Vintage Trouble toughens soul with rock's muscle."

"Vintage Trouble "The Bomb Shelter Sessions " Early '70s style rock-soul, a la Humble Pie, finds a fresh voice in Vintage Trouble. Their debut CD emboldens R&B-tinged vocals with the riffs of stone cold rock."

By: Jim Farber

The 50 Best Band Logos of All Time

The Vintage Trouble logo joins KISS, Ozzy Osbourne, Van Halen for the 50 Best Logos of all time in Paste Magazine

Guitarists talk about gear they use

Nalle Colt's pedalboard featured in Paste Magazine

Album review

"...transports you to another time and space with its 50s-inspired blues and soul vibe and heart-in-the-palm-of-my-hand lyrical imagery. This is not an album to be missed."

By: Rhonda Nicole

Album review

" But this success is no surprise. TBSS comprises twelve soulful tracks that the band describes as "live-wired, straight-shootin', dirty-mouth'd, pelvis-pushing juke music." This statement is proved as soon as the needle drops. "

By: Katrina Nattress

Vintage Trouble  has something moist neo-soul bands don't have; a genuine, honest to god, Otis R., Al G., and Wilson P. level Soul singer. Backed up by a kick-ass blues Rock power trio.
The record is damned good, the live show is molten.
I've been waiting for this sound ever since the original Stax shut down. Vintage Trouble don't want any trouble; just a few spins. I suggest you co-operate. “

Zeb Norris
Program Director

Ad of the Day: Supercuts The hair-salon chain turns up the volume, partnering with 600 indie bands and musicians to 'Rock the Cut'

"You have a pride in the way you step out into public, especially when you have a good haircut," says Ty Taylor, Vintage Trouble's frontman, in one of the 60-second spots

By Gabriel Beltrone

All Day Music
Live review Beachland Ballroom, Detroit, MARCH 27, 2012

" Vintage Trouble tore the house down! I knew nothing of the band before their set, but by the end of each song, I was singing [and dancing] along with them. '


ILLDefined Artistry
Live review The Great Hall, Toronto, Cananda
, March 26, 2012

" From having trouble getting even a few people to check out their merch table, Vintage Trouble's performance alone had easily 3/4s of the audience pile around the merchandise table after the show to meet the band "

by Andrew

Live review Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas
, February 16th, 2012

"...yourself back some 40 years ago. You’re in a blues club and a band comes on that commands your attention, grabs ahold tight and doesn’t let go until the entire crowd is exhausted from cutting a rug. That is exactly what the rock/soul/blues outfit Vintage Trouble did during their powerful 90-minute set. "

By: Craig Asher Nyman

Hey Hey My My
Music For Adults
, Feb 5, 2012

Interview with Th Taylor about The Bomb Shelter Sessions

By: Andrew Watt Australia


Album review, Monday, January 9

" Bomb Shelter Sessions is a smooth, well rounded, polished affair, and a tip of the hat has to go to Taylor and rest of the Trouble for what they are setting out to achieve, along with other like-minded acts Fitz & The Tantrums and The Heavy; is to invoke the raw high energy sounds of yesteryear into modern music "

By: Michael Clohesy

The Secret Diary of a TroubleMaker

Uber Rock Magazine

" Some old, some new, some I thought I would never see such as U2, old heroes like Adam Ant through to current favourites like Urban Voodoo Machine and the Jim Jones Revue. I went to Glastonbury for the first time and had a muddy blast, but one band impressed me more than any other this year. This band took it to a whole new level and set the new benchmark that all future gigs will be compared to, I ended up seeing them live eight times this year, this band were Vintage Trouble. "

By: Ben Hughes

Live review, Gateshead The Sage, December 13, 2011

by Allan Harrison, NO DEPRESSION, The Roots Music Authority

"I n the 21st Century it's difficult to describe what Vintage Trouble look and sound like; but I can only imagine that this is what the old Stax Revues of the early 1960's must have been like as they play at 100mph for two solid hours and the music is a heady mixture of Blues, Soul, R&B and good old fashioned Rock and Roll. "

Live review, Thekla, Bristol, December 17, 2011
by Daniel Moore, Live Music Scene

"I won't attempt to describe the antics that went down, get a ticket next time. Just clean, (swearing doesn't count) wholesome (grinding doesn't count) and safe (dropping from the balcony doesn't count) blues music. Fantastic band that have too much raw talent."

Live review, Gateshead The Sage, December 13 2011


"It's difficult to encapsulate the explosion of joyous energy that underpins a Vintage Trouble gig, save to say that by the second number, a storming version of Blues Hand Me Down, the audience was abuzz, enthralled and invigorated by the music and performance that was unfolding before their eyes and ears."

Online interview Outlineonline

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Germany live review

Cd review from Blues & Soul Magazine 12.2.2011

"Shit hot! If you like Led Zep's bombastic rock and Otis, Pickett, James Brown's "primitive soul," you are gonna mess your pants hearing this beauty."

‎"It was one of the best live gigs I've seen and I've been to a few. It was the same buzz I felt after seeing Prince, The Rolling Stones and The Clash"

"A common subject of discussion amongst people on the night was, "I'm glad we've seen them and met them (they took time out to meet and have photos taken with every audience member that wanted to) before they go huge and start playing their own stadium gigs." And you know, it's going to happen! "

"All in all, this band lived up to what Ty promised at the beginning at the night, "A non-stop party" where a rippling room danced, jived, bobbed and weaved throughout the entire gig in the presence of rock and soul. "

Live review from Lumino Magazine, Chicago, IL, October 10, 2011
Vintage Trouble opening act for The Bangles, House of Blues, Chicago

Live review from The BeatPlay Experiment, Nashville, TN

Album review by Get Ready To

Online Audio Interview from Metal Express Radio

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Bite Fashion & Beauty Magazine Camden, London UK online interview

VINTAGE TROUBLE frontman comments on performing at Freddie Mercury birthday event. by UBER ROCK

Uber Rock - The Bomb Shelter Sessions album review

'The Bomb Shelter Sessions' is a fantastic debut album that warms to the soul with repeated listens, but I feel there is better to come from these guys. Album number two is already recorded, and they are writing the third on the road. After hearing newer material 3-4 times live now, and having plenty of catchy choruses embedded in my brain, I feel album number two is where Vintage Trouble are really going to shine. Until that album appears do yourself a favour and become a Troublemaker just like most of us at URHQ have, believe you me you won't regret it. Returning to these shores soon, you would be a fool to miss them live.

Mail Online

Secret Garden Party Festival review

Some of the best musical treats however were to be found on the smaller stages. The Crossroads provided one of my favourite discoveries of the weekend, the fantastic Vintage Trouble at 1am on Saturday night/Sunday morning.
A modern soul-funk outfit from Hollywood, huge-voiced frontman Ty Taylor put in one of the most amazing performances of the weekend, and at one point was literally swinging from the rafters of the voodoo blues-styled canvas marquee with the crowd whooping and hollering in a frenzy below.

- JODY THOMPSON, Mail Online

Bedford Today Live review

Vintage Trouble have got the songs, the lightning-in-a-bottle chemistry onstage, the banter, the audience participation - all the right ingredients resulting in that all-round star quality that makes people want to get up out of their seats and go and dance and join in the Vintage Trouble party. Hell, they can even win over the most reserved person in the room and make them unfold their arms, get out of the corner and go and dance and ‘get funky with it!’.

- Lee Davies, Bedford Today

Live review from Newcastle, Cluny, UK August 2nd, 2011

Live review from Sonisphere Festival

The Brighton Argus, Vintage Trouble interview, UK 2011

Cover image for Toast magazine Sheffield, UK 2011

Interview Toast Magazine, Sheffield, UK 2011

This Is Not A Scene live review from Sonisphere Festival, 2011 UK

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live review from Bridgewater Hall, Manchester, UK

Intro Festival - Middlesbrough Town Centre

No offence to all of the other brilliant acts we've booked this year, but these Hollywood based soulful rockers are THE must-see band of Intro 2011. We saw them on Later With Jools Holland at the end of April and knew instantly that we had to book them. Their performance on the aforementioned TV program was so incendiary that the band became the 6thmost popular trend on Twitter world-wide the day after the show aired! There aren't enough superlatives in the dictionary to do them justice but the likes of "explosive", "breathtaking" and "jaw-dropping" will have to suffice. Managed by the team behind Bon Jovi, Kiss and Motley Crue, VT come to us fresh from a tour with legendary Queen guitarist Brian May – how about that for rock pedigree!?

Uber Rock Cardiff, Wales live show review by Johnny H, May, 2011

D.R. SWINHOE Live Show Review from Sage Gateshead, Newcastle, UK

Sonic Shocks review from Blues Kitchen, Camden London April 2011

Local Soul from Vintage Trouble, by Taryn Olsen

Sonic Shocks - Camden Barfly, February 12th, 2011 London UK
Show review by Cayleigh Shepherd

UBERROCK Online Interview February 12th 2011, by Tazz Stander

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Vintage Trouble on the cover Music Week, UK February 2011

Sonic Shocks Online VINTAGE TROUBLE Interview, by Cayleigh Shepherd

London - February 12th , 2011

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London - 8th February 2011

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London - 9th February 2011

Music Pics Online Show review from The Gibson Showcase Room
February 8th, 2011 London UK, by Eddie Sharkey

Sonic Shocks online review: The Gibson Rooms (Showcase)
London - 8th February 2011

Music Week podcast from Proud Camden, London - 8th February 2011 - Vintage Trouble, the best and latest act to be signed by legendary manager Doc Mcghee ,
By Ross Allen – January 31, 2011

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